Madonna? You’ve aged well…

err…umm, well…you’ve aged.

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    fracked again

    This is a hoax picture. That is Iggy Pop.


    Not a hoax, Madonna’s been on a strict diet to get 0% body fat, this is what your arms look like with no fat on them what so ever.


    No reputable doctor in the world would endorse a 0% body fat goal. The human body MUST have some fat on it to remain healthy.


    Well, no shit. But Madonna would rather her body look the way it does than be healthy.

    The lengths people go for fashion…

    fracked again

    trolld 😀

    She does kinda resemble Iggy in this pic, though.


    Boobs=fat. She still has boobs, though they may be small. Hence, she still has fat.


    Doesn’t 0% body fat lead to heart problems? In any case, I don’t know how she can think her arms look good…my 85 year old grandmother had arms that looked like that…


    what is the fat content of the brain?


    “its bad when your arms look like Clint Eastwood’s penis”- Bill Mahr

    tiki god

    when/where did he say that?


    this is what happens when you’re a terrible, terrible person who thinks money breeds entitlement.

    fucking die madonna, for the sake of the world.


    Hear, hear.


    First of all, in our world, money is entitlement. do you think people can have big mansions and jets and huge expanses of land for any other reason.

    Secondly, I love Madonna, and if you weren’t a dumbass you’d know she was the coolest. Instead of wishing death upon you, I will allow you to return to your life of bitter insignificance.


    Ok, she’s 50 years old. She is not going to have arms of a greek goddess ffs people. Lets see yall have some sexy arms when you hit 50, much less does what she does on a weekly basis.

    And BTW, I am a firm believer of not judging people based on a picture. Some people have bad pictures taken of them, at the right time. All of us could look fugly if someone took a pic at the right time.


    She lives off her appearance and attitude. We’ll judge her if we want – she’s placed herself in the public eye of her own free will.


    I second that. I am entitle to my opinion, no matter how biased, rude, or shitty it may be. Personally, I think she’s a douche.


    its about time she fucking died


    Madonna could have looked like Amparo Grisales at 50.
    But no.
    She’s an idiot.




    I sould still fuck her…


    After “Frozen” she should’ve just collapsed.

    tiki god

    fuck you man, I think her latest was awesome. completely different then frozen, but good just the same.

    I enjoy techno.


    I enjoy techno too, shame Madonna hasn’t done any decent songs in at least a decade.

    About the same time she decided to turn into a Macho Man.


    Or, Rusty Shacklefuck, you could realize that while money can buy you almost anything, it cannot buy you respect or even the humblest of human decency. Madonna would buy you and rape you with a 12″ black strap-on if she so chose, and there’s not a fucking thing you could do about it. So instead of “returning to my blah blah blah yadda yadda whatever you said”, I will allow you to return to your life of disillusionment and total fucking pretentiousness.

    Eat a bag of fucks.


    Exactly how does one “eat a bag of fucks”? And how is Rusty pretentious if he likes a certain singer? Seriously, what do you think pays your internet bill….coconuts? Sorry delusional, pretentious fuck, money is needed to have some sort of order in this backwards world.




    I just pissed a little after I lol’d.
    Skeletor… classic!


    Shes on the remake of Lifeforce!


    she probably won’t die in a bus crash- she doesn’t really tour. i doubt she’ll die running from papprazzi. maybe a plane crash? can i get my hopes up like that?

    die madonna, die.


    Die? Madonna has embraced Lichdom. She’s not dying any time soon.