There I Fixed It

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    I had a bass guitar that I taped all over.

    I think it actually sounded better with it.

    Piece of shit Peavey.


    The cymbal pads of my Alesis DM5 Pro have broken, now it’s only being held together by black masking tape.


    actually, using string to clamp a loose guitar body plate during gluing is standard practice… that or you can use fancy wooden clamps that do exactly the same thing, but cost a lot more.

    of course you remove the string after the glue sets, unless you want to end up with a guitar that looks like shit…


    i wonder how long the pringles box will last with heated coolant running thru it.


    I was thinking that myself, however it’s pretty clever.


    I fixed a toliet with a milk jug cap….This was 10 years ago, but the ring around the tube broke and the toliet kept running, so I thought hmmm I wonder if this cap is the same size? Sure enough it was.