Zuni Fetish Idol

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    Trilogy with Karen Black.


    That frikken doll scared the shit out of me. It was way scarier than Chucky. I watched it, w/ my brothers, when it first aired and kept putting my hands in front of my eyes (which I also did during Exorcist and they’ve never stopped teasing me.


    The one that got me was “The Dark” with those little burnt pumpkin head demon thingies.

    The clincher was that I didn’t get to see it through to the end (it was past my bed time), and there was no such thing as video on demand in the stone age, it was years before it cycled around again.

    So the story of the moral is; take a horror story without closure, drop it into the brain of a kid with a fertile imagination; and now you know why I’m boarderline psychotic! lol


    Ooga chaka ooga ooga chaka


    I remember the movie, but he was alot shorter.