Voyager in Spacedock

Voyager in Spacedock

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    Ah, the Intrepid class. Great ship. Pretty good series too, a few low points though (I still can’t get over that salamander thing) but some really good episodes too. Still more of a TNG fan though


    Better than Enterprise, but still clearly in the franchise’s declining years. Someone on MCS has a lot of stock pictures though. Where’s the love for TNG and DS9, Tiki?


    I liked enterprise way more than Voyager. To me Voyager did`nt just have that something that made it worth to watch.


    Voyager was okay the first season. After that, it went downhill pretty quick. Enterprise took at least three seasons to reach the same point.


    but when it did BOY did it go downhill. and I mean the ending to Enterprise was pretty much just a big “Fuck you” to all it’s fans

    tiki god


    the very first episode of enterprise was so much crap that it was difficult for me to get back to see the second one.

    ‘oh, phasers blowing up corn mills, lemme rub you down with this gel, klingons with the wrong foreheads, ships that are more advanced then the TOS series and time travel. TIME TRAVEL. In the very first episode.’

    and then the end of the whole time war was nazi aliens traveling in time? gimme a break.

    voyager was lightyears ahead of the travesty that enterprise turned out to be

    Luke Magnifico

    Star Trek ended with the last episode of TNG.

    *brace for impact*


    You know, yeah, a part of me agrees with that, they didnt pull off the movies of TNG and after those it really seemed to be dieing, but at least star trek online is going to continue the universe of ST we all know and love in one form or another and not that remake universe


    I have to agree with this as well.

    The later movies were definitely lacking and now the total clusterfuck they made of the whole thing with that sad series Enterprise and the so-called “reboot of the franchise.”

    Nothing like alienating millions of fans by fucking over years of well-established back story…

    tiki god

    I agree with you.


    uh…”fucking over years of well-established back story…” No they didn’t. They rebooted the series but did it in such a way as to establish an alternate timeline, they didn’t invalidate all the other stuff.


    You know everybody stayed with the franchise through DS9 (I hated it, Avery Brooks’ awesomeness aside), Voyager, Enterprise, Insurrection, and Nemesis. “We’ll take whatever Star Trek we can get, as long as it’s Star Trek, blah blah blah” But if you reboot TOS, everyone gets butthurt. Did it have obvious plot holes? Yeah. Is it perfect? No. Was TOS a perfect, gleaming diamond in the rough? The episode “Spock’s Brain” says no. I see the same qualities in the new Kirk, Spock, and McCoy that I liked in the originals. You know what else is great about it? Uhura gets a first name for once, and both she and Chekov actually DO SOMETHING. They’re not just room fixtures.

    So, you wanted Trek enough to put up with utter shit for years. Now, Trek will live in a more mainstream fashion, and ‘gasp’ people will enjoy it for some of the same reasons you do. Not all, but some. And you’ll get more Trek, rather than watching it slowly die and not getting any more, period.

    Yahtzee was right: fans ARE whiny, complaining, dipshits who never appreciate anything you do. At least, a sizable portion of them are.

    tl;dr : you put up with crap for years, have some crap of a different flavor and shut your gob.


    : Agreed.

    Anyone who thinks TOS was awesomesauce and watched it mostly during their childhood/teenage years and hasn’t seen it since? That’s called nostalgia…don’t rewatch it or you might find yourself not liking it anymore. Same thing goes with many of the old cartoons that are being made into movies these days: Transformers, Thundercats, Smurfs, GI Joe, etc. The production value and polish and acting quality just wasn’t there for all those old TV shows. Don’t believe me? Think of a show from the 70s or early 80s you liked and check out a few episodes. They’re riddled with BAD acting, BAD directing, BAD editing, and $5 special effects that any teenage firebug or kid with a video camera and computer could do better with free software.


    Mmmmmmmmh Janeway…..

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