Military Con Email

Military Con Email

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    He is lying. Insurgences do not attack us daily. Not even the retards in the first armored.



    OMG i hope i get that email he had me at “HELLO”


    I’m not sure what they are trying to scam him out of really? A phone number? Maybe it’s the lack of sleep. I’ll read it again when I wake up.


    It’s like that African Prince scheme. Once he gets your phone number, inevitably he’ll ask for the bank account number as well.

    He wants your money. This is a variant on the diplomatic courier scam. Once you agree to help him, fees will start popping up. He may need to cover some licenses. Then there may be shipping or storage fees. Uh-oh, the courier’s getting suspicious; you may have to bribe him to keep quiet. And really, you don’t mind footing the bill for all of this, do you? After all, you’ll get it paid back to you in spades when the shipment actually comes through, right?

    If you want to have fun with him, set up a completely anonymous e-mail address, and (preferably from behind a proxy), reply to him. String him along. Make promises you’ll send him some money, then somehow fail to follow through. Make him send you paperwork. It’ll be fake, but it will cost him money. Ask him questions every step of the way, and refuse to send money unless he answers you. How do I wire money? What’s Western Union? Can I send it through the computer? Can you send me an ID? (If they send you forgeries, it’s fun to praise really poorly done ones as quite authentic and reassuring, while castigating the high quality fakes as obvious forgeries).

    Finally, go here: If you really want to screw with these guys, it’s an invaluable resource. You can find everything from tips on staying anonymous (extremely important, as these guys are criminals) to fake forms you can have your scammers print, fill out, scan, and return to you (all of which costs them money and, more importantly, time).

    TL;DR: He’ll ask for fees to help the shipment along, and if you want to fuck with him, go to


    does anyone watch flight of the concords? I saw an episode where their manager was talking about this funds being tied up in a Nigerian investment, i.e. the scam. Later on the black dude shows up! I was dying!


    yes, that was funny that it was not a scam for them!

    Luke Magnifico





    Given that he is an “American Doldier” I would have at least figured he’d have given his rank and/or branch.


    Lol, obvious I was sleep deprived at this point.


    Did anybody see the black guy who put a shoe on his head and had watermelon and orange juice?


    Oh yeah. There was a girl, I recall…


    Yeah but I can’t remember where I saw it.

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