remove tight or constriction clothing

remove tight or constriction clothing

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    Yeah. Don’t want the bitches to have trouble breathing when you make them get out and push because it won’t start.


    Sounds like a ChevyFag talking to me…

    Answer this question: Which car company went bankrupt and is the government’s little bitch?


    The only reasons my mustang wouldn’t start was because the battery died because I left the lights on. Other than that, it’s got 80,000 miles, was driven by an old man who took well care of it, it’s all stock and has every option. I recently fucked up the transmission overdrive because I would constantly shift from drive to overdrive (3rd to 4th) with an automatic over drive transmission. I know NOW that you aren’t supposed to do that, but hey, it was like my first car so live and learn. It still drives with 1st and second gear, about… Read more »