ammo cat

ammo cat

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    you see this bullets?
    Well guese where they are going.


    and they also own a hello kitty toaster

    go figure


    A Hello Kitty toaster next to a washing machine?!?!

    These people are nuts.

    Luke Magnifico

    Dude, that’s a dryer.

    A fucking dryer.

    tiki god

    dude, that’s a washing machine. how many top loading dryers do you see on a regular basis?

    Luke Magnifico

    Okay. Okay! I confess.

    I don’t know the difference between a washer and a dryer.

    I just wanted to look like a man, you know?

    fracked again

    Mine is…


    I can’t believe you guys… That cat and his Hello Kitty toaster are plotting to take over the world and you are arguing whether there is a washer or a dryer in the background!

    BTW -Tiki’s right, it’s a Washer..


    It looks like a washer w/ dryer controls. Weird, but not weirder than the rest of the pic.


    HMMM could that possibly be a hello kitty cd player?


    Ruin the fun; why dontcha.