Air Jump K9

Air Jump K9

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    Billy Manic

    Poor dog, maaan.


    What the fuck.

    I bet after like four times, the dog starts to love it.


    Jump School: Raises hand, Question, How do I keep my K9 from continuously shitting and pissing while in mid-air?


    Yeah, that’s pretty much what I want to know


    haha I didn’t even think of that.

    Although my dog is female, she’s pretty badass.

    She shat herself trying to get out of the collar the first time I tried to walk her.


    She shat herself trying to get out of the harness the first time I tried to fuck her.

    Fixed it for you.


    That too, actually. Although I had to put a muzzle on her so she wouldn’t bite me.


    Max vowed as he plummeted to Earth that he’d get even with his owner for this, knowing that the human would never see it coming. After all, Max was a seeing eye dog.


    I will shit upon from such a height, you’ll think Dog himself did it.


    Q: Why don’t blind people skydive?

    A: Because it scares the shit out of the dogs.

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