Barak Hussein Obama – Anti-Semitic Jew-hater

Barak Hussein Obama - Anti-Semitic Jew-hater

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    Nemo Intermundorum

    Since when is not catering to somebody’s every whim the same as hating them?


    When you’re a jew with a multi billion dollar case of butthurt.


    Fuck Isreal! There I said it.




    Israel isreal?


    According to some countries, no.


    Glad to know someone got it, or was it that bad?


    pretty typical for democratic brainwashing, now that Obama’s trying to balance things out and not give special treatment to minority groups, hes labelled as a hater

    but still, yeah,
    fuck israel and its people


    Also a white hater. Keep it real with that beer summit tonight.


    Well, let us all be honest here: those fucking Jews ARE pretty easy to hate.


    No worries. President-Elect Romey will restore order after the One Termer is gone.


    Its impossible to truly hate a whole “race” or ethnic group. Altho most of the “jewhaters” on here are just kids, those that really believe they hate “the jew race” or “black people” or whatever, really just hate themselves and should be forced to attend psychotherapy.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    You’re all fucking stupid. Does no one else see that McDonald’s emblem on the bag is green? Its supposed to be red! Also Jewish doesn’t = Israel you dumbshit pricks. There are a lot of Jewish people who don’t want their people in Israel. This kind of simplistic bullshit just shows that people are 99% bullshit and tears and 1% actual knowledge of most situations. Fuck Israel? Really? How fucking dumb are you little boys and girls? Without googling it who is the prime minister of Israel? What exactly do any of you know about it? You’re just mad because… Read more »


    The prime minister is Nathan Yanhu. See? Who needs Google!


    No one gives a shit, son. tl;dr.


    If I draw anything out of this pic, it’s the irony of the ‘fuck Obama and America’ posters in the background as she walks down the street with her McDonald’s, gone green logo and all. I bet if McDonald’s pulled out of the global market, the world would start kissing America’s ass again. lol.


    No, just McD’s.


    Israeli extremists see anyone who acknowledges the Palestinian position as a Jew-hater, nothing new.