hey doc, got a sec

hey doc, got a sec

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    this is the most awesome image mine eyes have seen in a great while


    And to think, he was at the back of the line with that….thing? and had to be escorted forward by police.

    Luke Magnifico

    what the what


    “Quaid… open your mind… open your… wait! Goddamnit, not again!”

    Miss D

    I’m 12 and what is this o.O


    I laughed my breakfast all over the desk


    Welcome back!


    Fetus in fetu in fetu?

    That’s all kinds of fucked up.


    Aren’t Fetus in fetu usually on the inside of the body?


    I don’t know that it has to be internal. Sometimes the 2nd fetus is absorbed by the other; that can lead to different DNA profiles for different parts of the body. Sometimes the 2nd fetus is conjoined w/ the other, developed but not alive, often making the live one look pregnant. IIRC, there was a case in India in which the “parasitic’ twin’s hair and nails kept growing and it was starving the poor guy of nutrients. After it was removed, he weighed something like 90lbs and was very malnourished. It looks like in the case of the guy in… Read more »


    yeah I also saw an example of that in one of the episodes of House and Dr. Black Jack..

    Insanely Rational

    What’s the fuzz. Haven’t you ever seen a man breastfeeding his baby before?