green lanterns mom is in a stove

green lanterns mom is in a stove

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    wow, how old is this? it looks like Ethan Van Sciver?
    it wasn’t bad enough his girlfriend got shoved into the refrigerator in 1990-something?
    poor kyle. poor lame-ass kyle.

    Luke Magnifico

    I hope she’s alright in there. It looks a little cramped. Actually, I don’t think you could fit his entire mom in such a small stove, I think you’d have to cut her into…..


    Oh no.


    What’s with green lanterns, loved ones and appliances?

    tiki god



    What’s with DC, and violence against women?

    tiki god



    Green Lantern’s loved ones ending up dead in various fine kitchen appliances is due less to misogyny and more to a poorly thought out product placement deal with Kenmore.


    That wasn’t really Kyle’s mom in the oven. Major Force had a mannequin that looked like Kyle’s mom made and shoved it into the oven for effect.

    She did die later on, killed by Sinestro Corps member Despotolis, a sentient virus.

    tiki god

    why did you have to spoil that for everyone? huh? they were happy thinking that she was raped by major force and then dismembered and raped again before she was shoved into an oven.

    you bastard.


    You said rape twice.

    I don’t even think Major Force is capable of rape. He’s just living energy in a metal suit that the government created. He doesn’t even wear clothes over his metal skin, so he’s all smooth like a Ken doll.

    Maybe if later on, the government decided to make him an anatomically correct metal skin suit… then he could rapinate all kinds of women.


    I see someone has a beloved fetish for rape