pimp car balls

pimp car balls

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    This vehicle balls thing is one of the most idiotic wannabe macho bullshit fads to come along in a looong ass time.


    someone is DEFIANTLY not overcompensating for something

    fracked again

    Remember to spay or neuter your car.


    Looks like the old scrote-sac is getting stretched painfully thin…


    I drive past this guy at least once a month…


    I drive past this guy at least once a month… I think they’re soccer balls.

    Howie Feltersnatch

    You know how I know you’re gay?


    why god?!?!?! oh why would anybody do such a hideous thing to such an awesome car????

    dude, my truck gets 12 inches of ground clearence!!

    oh yea, my monte carlo gets 24 inches with 2 inches of that being rubber!!!

    srysly tho, ugly as fuck. i will never understand the appeal of jacking up such great classic cars. tottaly screws the whole thing up.


    I wouldn’t exactly call this car “great”, “classic” or “great classic”.

    Anyways, any rims over 20 inches are pure eye candy and have no purpose what so ever other than trying to look cool.