a cat is not a pony

a cat is not a pony

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    That’s one amazingly tolerant cat.


    Looks a tad annoyed in the middle pic.


    Ya know, if the cat scratched the shit out of that kid, they’d punish the cat. Fucking injustice.


    There isn’t an outlet cover on that outlet back there.


    Well , I think it’s a good idea to let kids sit on the cat. They’ll only do it once, and learn to not piss of cats. I have scars. I do not mess with cats that are making angry sounds. They like me, because I am patient with them. I have cat friends that won’t let anyone (especially kids!) touch them because of bad experience with people. I can hold them and pet them and they’ll enjoy it. So I guess I do something right. Cannot remember why I have those scars, but I know it’s a cat.. maybe… Read more »


    it appears that a cat is indeed a pony…