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    1. The only thing that the FCC should be regulating is interference/proper distribution of channels 2. Not this guy 3. Interstates were built for military and interstate commercial use. Like it or not, general civilian traffic should now be allowed on. 4. Which should be handled by the States 5. Again; no. 6. A fail to see how land which was obtained through treaty, war, or donated by a private citizen and made available to the public for recreation instead of home steading smacks of socialism. I am grant you that if it became a national park through any other… Read more »


    “4. Which should be handled by the States”

    State government is still government, friend, thus still socialist.

    Anyways, as far as public education is concerned, the states already control that. Our friends in Washington can only bribe the states into doing what they want with precious super-awesome-happy-bonus money.

    Nemo Intermundorum

    How about we wise up, stop labeling things, forgo knee-jerk McCarthyist reactions to the word socialism, and base our decisions on what is beneficial to us as individuals, as a nation, as a species, and as a planet.




    I take it you haven’t been paying attention to the “birthers.” Knee jerk reactionism without a grain of logic, sense, or owning up to facts when they are presented seems to be how the right riles up their base.


    One does not score votes with the constituency, nor sweet speaking gigs and job offers from the corporate sector, by thinking this way.


    Ok, just for arguments sake, and because I’m a little uneducated: What is so wrong with socialism?


    It’s not an all or nothing situation. Socialism (roughly stated, government control over institutions which could be private/corporate. Hard to specify, but people use the stamp to label any form of government regulation) is a sliding scale. Certainly the government run option for health care insurance would be more socialist than the current situation, but (unless the legislation changes drastically) less so than most of Europe, and far less so than so called communist countries.


    Oh you silly americans and your indoctrinated little selves…is it prejudice or just the state of affairs?

    Anyway, communism for the wins!


    From Britain, and state health care is awesome. A little bit of tax so that we never have to worry about not having enough money to save our lives, makes it all much easier.


    I’d much rather have the government deliver healthcare then a business. There are things business is good at, careing for people is not one of them.


    Wake up, kids – it’s the frog in the boiling water scenario. Little by little socialism is taking over this country. The healthcare bill that Obama-Lama-Ding-Dong is trying to rush through is a disaster! The gov’t will be telling us older people, every five years we’re on medicare, how to commit suicide, not using that term, of course. Read page 425 of the proposed bill – it’ll scare the hell out of you. If America’s healthcare is so bad right now, why are Canadians, Mexicans, Brits, the French, etc. coming HERE for their healthcare needs? Why are we not going… Read more »


    socialism = bad??

    i’m confuzulleded

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