Max Payne 3

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…is bald and fat.

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    Way to kill the series. I haven’t even heard of it, and just by looking at these pics, I’m glad I haven’t. Way to kill absolutely everything about the series to make it a watered down environment-less shoot-em-up. Bastards.


    The “official site” isn’t very convincing. Fake, I’d say. Only thing that scares me is that if they intended to troll a bit they’d make it seem a tad more convincing.


    A fake >?!
    Good gravy that’s a relief…
    Looks nothing like the first or second incarnations…
    Preferred the first one as well, the second was too wanna be…


    I’m disappointed to say it’s not a fake. Unless Rockstargames is trolling their own site. There’s a link to it right from their site.
    The first Max Payne was awesome. The second was OK. I won’t be buying part three. It looks like they just took a random game and slapped a successful franchise name on it.

    Fuck, at least make the character RESEMBLE Max.


    I’m not convinced that this is a fake. They had an article in Gameinformer Magazine about it. Here’s the online article:


    WTF. Shure, they’re aiming to ruin my best memories. Good ‘ol times when GeForceMX was so awesome and the slow-mo tricks in a game weren’t so annoying.


    I’m actually looking forward to it, I was disappointed when I read the original series creator was not behind it, but really any Max Payne is better than none. The series has always gone in different directions than other games and I will be excited for this next story.


    I’ve never watched the movie




    “better some than none.”

    I’m sure all those fans of Star Wars felt the same way, up until they saw the prequels.


    Only thing wrong is that it’s in broad daylight, Max should be in some noir, nondescript alley, not in Mexico.


    The shave-your-head-more-frequently-than-your-face racket wants YOU!


    You get to shoot drug-dealing brazilian teenagers? AWESOME.


    looks like a fucked up john mclane from die hard 1