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Yeah, the armaments probably don\’t work. So what?

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    The flamethrower on top of the car DOES work. We see it every year during the Coffin Races & Hearse Parade locally in Colorado.


    VNV, Front 242, Type O Negative, Funker Vogt and armaments.

    That’s my kind of hearse…

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    The random motherboard on the hood is kinda stupid.


    Your stupid mother on the hood is kinda random.


    Cool car, and some good taste in music.


    Yo I see that thing driving around town! Link got out at a gas station!


    Too much fake 1993 type addons like the slotted thing above the tire…

    Also this thing probably does 0-60 in about 20 seconds…

    I would rather give it a nice paint job and some rims and a system…or better yet, this would actually be worthy of a nigcar…you know the ones they have with candy and what not.


    If this is the same hearse that I’m thinking it is, I saw this at a TGI Friday’s parking lot in Denver. What’s funnier is that when I was looking at/in it the goth kid that apparently owned it came up and bitch slapped the back of my head, slamming it into the window and shattering it. Then he ran away. True story. Of course, that depends on whether or not that’s the same one as the thing that was in the parking lot.

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