System of a Down

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    1. Gouki4u says:

      Oh you evil bastard! I laffed.

    2. Q-delta says:

      ………….whoever copied the original is as retarded as the retards in the picture, it’s “syndrome of a down”… completely fucked this joke.

    3. MarauderDeuce says:

      Not funny – just encouraging wankers to make cruel jokes about people who’s have a condition that’s not their fault and can’t help it.

      The only jokes are the fuckers who laugh at these people – they’re the real retards.

      And yes – it is personal – I have a ten year old with Downs. But I never ever found these sorts of things funny.

      • Dreth says:


        Fuck you.

        And these guys are better than the real System of a Down, at least they don’t fake awkwardness in order to amuse the world.

        • MarauderDeuce says:

          Fuck you? Gee you take long to think that smeg up? I ain’t looking for sympathy you stupid goit!

          This shit just ain’t funny and imho it’s the people who think it’s funny that have the problem. If you haven’t got something coherent to bring to the table – well then I guess that’s nothing new around here.

        • Q-delta says:

          Look at me, I’m retarded!

      • tiki god says:

        did you really come to this website and get butt hurt over a picture?

        and are you actually implying that there’s no connection between your child and your distaste for this image?

    4. freakymescan says:

      that’s some funny stuff

    5. driver01z says:

      I… I…

      I lol’d.

    6. nyoki says:

      I’m afraid I lol’d too. I felt bad about it…for a nanosecond or two.

    7. Dacianprick says:

      Amen Tiki

    8. cloudmerchant says:

      I don’t think this is funny since it doesn’t make any sense at all. I mean, there is no “system” evidenced in the photograph, thus the joke falls flat and dies.

      However, I would like to say that I love kids with Down’s. They’re so enthusiastic about everything and incapable of being manipulative or braggarts. Seriously, I prefer special needs kids to the spoiled, screaming, kicking, violent, self-indulgent, self-entitled bullshit monkey children being raised today. If your child doesn’t have special needs, s/he’s probably an asshole.

      • Sticky says:


      • MarauderDeuce says:

        Incapable of being manipulative – of you fool – they’ve got you manipulated and you never knew it! I assure you they are capable of every emotion of everything else of everyone else. I’ve seen him wrap those who don’t konw him so well around his little finger so easily! 🙂

    9. takasato says:

      thx dude now i feel bad for laughing

    10. gregzombie says:

      I LOL’d. I LOl’d to the fullest degree.

    11. MarauderDeuce says:

      Interesting series of responses I managed to pull from various people – about what I expected.

      LukeV1-5 – I agree fully and I deliberately posted a response that I felt would draw out a range of responses – I wanted to see what people would do/say.

      I stand by everything I said and (whether people believe me or not) I felt the same before my life involved anyone with special needs. But either way my skin is thick enough not to take this smeg too personally.

        • Dreth says:


          -gets smacked-

          “Oh c’mon, I wasn’t being too serious, I didn’t mean it… 🙁 “

        • MarauderDeuce says:


          • nyoki says:

            Just trying to get a rise out of people? You weren’t really upset, just seeing how people would react? The language butt-hurt internet kiddies everywhere.

            • MarauderDeuce says:

              These things offend me but I can deal with it. I usually just ignore them. This time I decided to have my say and see what sort of reactions I would get. Does that somehow offend you?

            • Dreth says:

              It sounds like you got pissy, lashed out, then when told to shut the fuck up and harden up you came up with this “Hah-HAH! I just wanted to see your reactions, I’m not pissed!” excuse.

            • MarauderDeuce says:

              I can see how you might think that and perhaps to a degree it’s true. But I’ve been reading threads like this for years and (believe it or not) this is the first time I’ve done a response like this. You can choose to believe that my motivation was more towards the pissy lashing out side but I believe my motivation was more as I described it.

              Poe-tay-toe – Poe-tah-toe

    12. Moe says:

      Down Syn. is a genetic disorder of + 1 chomosone. Scientificly- these kids are more advanced then us.. they are half way to 46 and 2. so i wouldn’t laugh at someone who is genetically superior to you..

    13. garbledxmission says:

      My middle son is special needs. He’s one of the funniest, kindest, most gentle people I’ve ever met. We laugh a lot. It’s better to laugh than to cry. Crying sucks. Makes your face all puffy and your nose all stuffed up. Life, as long as you are capable of enjoying it on any level, is worth living regardless of encumbrances.

    14. garbledxmission says:

      Oh, stop using “smeg”. It’s from a great show but it’s stupid slang to try to use in conversation.

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