SEGA 90s Ads

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Now THIS is how you market.

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    Yeah this is how you market if you want to be disturbing


    “Play with yourself for hours.”

    Only if you have enough AA batteries to power the entire Eastern seaboard.


    Ha!, made all the better by the fact “Sega” means masturbation and/or handjob in Italian.

    Example: “Vorrei un sega bambina, ma fai lentamente”


    Google translates as I would like a little girl saw, but you slowly.


    Yeah, my Italian isn’t awesome at all, but it’s idiomatic. Those slip through Google all the time.

    “Sega” comes from the verb “segare” which means “to saw.” Back and forth repetitive motion I’m guessing makes great fodder for Italian euphemisms. They even had to switch the name Sega and replace it with Siga in Italy because of it.

    And “bambina” does mean little girl, but can also be something like the English “baby” towards that special female someone.

    So, IF I didn’t totally screw it up it should say “I want a handjob baby, but do it slowly.” …And no, I’m not sure how to say condescending prick in Italian, but for what it’s worth I wasn’t trying to meet Chris Hansen.


    I figured as much. Same kind of thing happens in French too.

    Luke Magnifico

    Babelfish says “I would want saws child, but you make slowly”


    If you resort to Automatic Translation, this is what you get. :3


    i used to have one of those lol


    I’m guessing these are from the British comic Viz. They might just be spoofs, but a lot of companies made some deliberately smutty ads just for this publication.


    Gamestop had this sonic pack with like 6 games or so for $12 for gamecube. All mario games are $20-30….can you believe that? The used gamecube is $30 and they are charging $30 for games and $15 for a used nintendo controller?

    I then went on craigslist and some guy is going to sell me mario kart for 1/10th the price “stop-your-game” is charging…I decided to offer him $5 anyways. (from $3 he requested)

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