Samurai Jack

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Cartoon Network needs to finish the damn series.

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    I agree. I have all the season on my computer but no end to the story…


    Cartoon Network actually can’t; the guy who voiced Aku died.


    Mako voiced Aku. He also voiced the Uncle Iroh character on AVATAR: THE LAST AIRBENDER until he died; he was replaced by his protege Greg Baldwin, who studied under the voice actor and does a damn fine job imitating not only his voice in general, but his timbre, pacing, and style: Greg could easily pick up the mantle of Aku. That said, Tartakovsky — in just about every interview he does — speaks of a SAMURAI JACK movie that would end the series. Mako’s death may have provided an excuse for another delay, but truth be told, Tartakovsky’s a… Read more »


    lol, are you all like, 12?