Pleasures of the Fur

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“Mr. Woods isn\’t comfortable with the human form.”

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    Nemo Intermundorum

    Yeah, I don’t really care about furries – they can do whatever the hell they please as long as I don’t have to witness it (so, thanks, Blaggun, for posting this). However, the human face on a plaque that decorates his wall is all sorts of disturbing.


    Needs moar yiffing in Hell


    The last one doesn’t make sense. “Mr. Woods isn’t comfortable with the human form.” Then why the fuck are you anthropomorphizing like you are?


    Correction, none make sense, the last one makes the least sense.


    That last picture is one of the gayest things i’ve ever seen.

    And that’s considering the fact that I browse the internet regularly.


    liberace was a macho-man compared to this guy


    Oh crap, I know the second guy in the group photo. I thought everyone was kidding.

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