La Muse gives it all

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from La Muse (comics)

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    I don’t know who she is, but I can’t imagine a scenario for those panels where she’s not coming off as a total slut-drain.


    Seems I was right. Total slut-drain but with magic powers.

    Thanks, Google.


    I call first


    I just finished reading the entire comic. I thought it was pretty good.


    forgot the link:


    I thought the comic was really good also, I still haven’t finished it, but I still like it. A female Clarke Kent, who is a serious activist who shares a lot of my political beliefs who is a real party animal. Forget screwing her I’d marry her. I dislike the fact that bstaples called her a slut-drain, though I think the term is funny. She is definitely a wild woman, and I imagine the situation is the same as if I, as a man, were to have a twenty way with a bunch of women, even though I probably wouldn’t… Read more »