F-22 Motivational Poster

f-22_motivational_poster.jpg (97 KB)

Because kicking your ass with the F-15 and F-16 for 30 years got boring.

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    F-15 oh HELL yes, but I would not count the lawn dart as a ruler of the skies type ass kicker.

    It’s the Ford Escort of fighters. blah…

    F-15 on the other hand…at 104 to 0 air to air and when you can fly home minus most of one wing, everyone else should give up and go home.


    Because we need to spend billions more on larger quantities of a weapon that can’t possibly aid in the conflicts we’re currently fighting.

    Yes, I have to go change my pants whenever I see another picture of this plane, too, but we don’t need to shell out for even more of them.

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    Defence contractors gotta earn. That’s the only point.


    They’ve terminated the F-22 program due to its repeated delays and ludicrous cost overruns… the F-35 will be the next big thing.


    By capping the F22 program, they pretty much killed the squadron based here at Kirtland AFB. The 22 was to replace the 16s they now fly, after they returned from forward deployment to Iraq. Guess what their morale is like getting the news before going over there that they wont be in the flying biz anymore?