Black Hawk Down

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    wasnt this movie hilariously bad?

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca


    teezy weezy

    hilariously oh very mong


    Not bad, just incredibly exhausting to watch so much seemingly random shooting for so long.

    “So these guys are shooting again.. at what?”

    A lot of war movies suffer from the “WTF-is-going-on” syndrome when the camera gets lost in the action.


    really? I thought it was a very easy story to follow….


    I loved this movie…w/out the sound on. I was watching it when my mom called and hadn’t thought much of it so far. I muted it, but let it play. It’s an extraordinarily beautiful movie. I noticed the same thing w/ Romeo + Juliet. Mute the volume and leave the Close-Captioning on made an excellent movie out of an unwatchable one.


    The firefights were very random but they were also extremely brief. The novel explained a lot that seemed a bit “Hollywood/Over the top.”

    Generation Kill is fucking the tits.

    The Hurt Locker looks very well done as well.


    Saving Ryan’s Privates was quite a bit better than this… but this is still an amazing war film. I can’t believe whoever said it’s unwatchable, what are you, four years old?


    Read it again. Get over yourself. We can disagree w/out acting like toddlers.