Spider Sucking Life Out Of A Bee

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I found this in my backyard while checking out my roses. I took these pictures with my cell phone (which kicks ass, by the way).

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    I didn’t even notice the spider at first, bet that’s on purpose.

    Pretty good pics for a cell phone, what model?


    Samsung SCH-U900. Offered by Verizon, which means that, No, it doesn’t kick ass. Maybe it kicked ass two or three years ago. Now it’s just kinda Meh.


    “Spider Fucking Life Out Of A Bee”
    Was what I saw first.


    Obligatory NOM NOM NOM NOM


    1, where do you live that has creepy-ass spiders like that? and 2, I thought those marks on the spider’s body were eyes and it scared the hell out of me!

    Dj. DreamStar

    pretty cool looking spider


    Then you need to look at better phones, like every unlocked Sony Ericsson and Nokia made since 2006.

    fracked again

    Crab spider, find em all over the US.

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