Marina Sirtis

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Marina Sirtis from a Trek Con in Tulsa, OK. Guess my flash was a little to bright….

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Still incredibly hot.


that looks nothing like Counselor Troi, I can’t make her age to that face.
but completely fuckable, and what a great shirt to fuel thousands of fanboy jerkoff fantasies.


It’s hard to believe she’s 54 and 5’3″


Is it me, or is it a little cold in here?


I’d still have sex with her, shes still effing hot, and yes its cold but i like that its a tit bit nipply there!!


i wish this had come through in a more NSFW manner.


That’s what I liked about the star trek series — they didn’t insist on having the ‘sexy female cast member’ characters be twenty-four year old blue eyed blonds (7of9 not withstanding).


All women should look this good when they’re over 50. The world would be a much better place. It could actually be the key to world peace.


My wife and I met her at a Trek thing back in New Orleans about a dozen years ago. We were in line to get a couple of things signed; took forever. It was one per person, so I took one thing and my wife took the other.

Now, we get up to where Ms Sirtis is and I’m a big goober and just kind of smile and hand the photo to her and she signs it. It was like an SNL skit. I step away, almost giggling.

Now, my wife steps up — I should point out, my wife is gorgeous and was wearing a beautiful sundress that day — and Marina looks up, then does a double take at my wife, and tells her her dress is quite beautiful. My wife — not starstruck at all — starts talking with her about where she got it, how cheap it was, then the two of them launch into a conversation about SteinMart and various dress places.

Me and the other nerds just kind of stood there. I know what I was thinking about, though.




I like where this is going.


Shut up; your just mad because J. R. is to young for you.

This chick is hot though…

Here's a few awesome images!