Furry Fest…

furry fest.JPG (24 KB)

Saw this last night when I was at the gym…couldn\’t stop laughing, especially at the end.

Full Video Here:


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    I want to go to one of these. anyone else?


    No you don’t. The stuff the media searches out and find is only really about 5% of what actually goes on. The rest is either stupid, boring, or so drama filled you’ll want to shoot yourself if you actually pay attention to it. Even ‘furry bashing’ would get old after a while, since you’d be doing so much of it.

    Also, if it’s like any of the furry cons i’ve been to in the past out of the 4000 attendees, maybe 6 were probably female.

    Furries in real life suck.. and this is coming from a furry.


    I’m going to PAX in Seattle. There’s sure to be a bunch of cosplayers, though no guarantee on furries.

    I’m actually going solo, anyone feel like going to a webcomic/videogame con in september?