American Beer Consumption Per Capita: By State

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    no way oklahoma is that low

    i see rednecks killing 30 packs of keystone light every fucking day

    srsly. it’s also 3.2 beer here, so i figure they have to drink moar just to make up for that


    I suspect this map is tracking consumption by the amount of beer sold, which would explain why New Hampshire is so much higher than the rest of New England. No sales tax means everybody from MA drives over the border to buy beer.


    Not only do we in NH have very cheap beer, we have very good beer supplied from very good breweries in MA, ME and VT. Basically we sell you back the beer you brew, only cheaper.


    California: care more about drugs than alcohol


    I heard here in Texas that we consume moar Bud Light than all the other 49 states combined.


    I guess the Kennedys don’t drink beer.


    There is no way that New York City is low as well as State….i am a bartender and there isn’t a day someone is not drink something with alcohol.