Multiboxing World of Warcraft

Multiboxing World of Warcraft

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    Number one sign that you have no life….


    This game felt like work when I had one character. I can’t imagine dedicating this kind of time and effort to it.


    Every single time I see a pic like this I think of how you could, say, save a hundred children from poverty, buy a year’s worth of chocolate chip cookies/beer, or at least encourage a girl to go out with you, with the money spent on the monitors, electricity and subscription for this, and more importantly, the time.


    He can probably get a WoW chick to go out with him.


    I’m curious, can a player sell off highly ranked established characters?
    The cash outlay would make sense if money can be made.


    I don’t see how you could look at those monitors at such an angle.. Seems like you’d need to stand up to just view them. Besides that, who plays wow anymore? Sigh


    Even if I had the money I’d think it was too much to be wasting on a game…

    : You don’t really need to constantly watch the other monitors. One character ‘drives’, you just need to have some macros set up and glance at the others now and then to make sure everything’s going smooth on their end.


    It looks like they are just using one character and just viewing it in different angles.


    Multi-failing at life.


    you can sell a lvl 80 character for about 300 dollars so… hes making money and having fun.


    Ah, so he’s committing fraud and contributing to the further ruination of the game. That’s -so- much better.


    Only 300? LOL That better be a reaaaaaal conservative estimate. Considering monthly fees, electricity and hardware purchases, he could very see 300 in the hole in a week rather than 300 in his pocket at the end of 80 levels.


    Humanity is so fucked.


    Insert generic derogatory comments re: money-waste, WoW here…

    The real question is, why, when he appears to be multiboxing five characters, is he using raid icons?

    Luke sei Vadder

    whem i´m big , i want to be this cool!


    People who do this should be taken out back and found a real job or stomped. Is this really a worthwhile way of contributing to society? I don’t mind gaming, don’t get me wrong, but this is just so dumb.


    this guy is nothing,you see these people all the time on wow. you should see the 36 boxer.