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first season was good.


First season was good if you haven’t read the books…


Dude has some nice lookin guns..


After reading the books i don’t know if i could handle a tv series.


Isn’t he related to Krod Mandoon?



Menches before Wenches, bro.


Oh god. I only watched this show out of morbid curiosity as it took a massive swan dive from somewhere near canon to “where the fuck did that come from?” Please tell me there’s not another season in the works.

On the other hand, Richard and Kahlan were HOT….


First two eps were pretty close to books then weeeellll hey its hot women kicking ass in cool outfits. And Bruce Spence.


Okay, I watched all season 1, Bridget (Kahlan) is hot, the chick who played Denna and Jennsen were both f’ing hot too. Bruce Spence is pretty funny. Craig (Richard) annoyed me most of the time, and the excessive slow-mo fighting scenes were lame.

I’d keep watching it though.


First five minutes into the first episode and I realized that the show wasn’t fit even for a drunken stupor. The names of the characters is the only thing in common with the books, complete garbage.


I liked the books, but heard to many times that the show doesn’t do them justice and is completely different.


You really fall into two categories here. If the fact that Richard has collected, and USED the boxes of orden before the end of the FIRST season and Darken Rahl is still alive makes you scream “WTF are they doing!?!” this might not be a good show for you. Basically the first season coveres every major plot point from all the books while they’re still hunting Darken Rahl. There’s no mention of anything to do with the south though.

If you have no idea what I’m babbling about then it’s a decent show.

Bridget/Kahlan is yummy regardless.


I’ve never seen more clichés in a single episode. I heard the books were nearly as bad.
Anyway, Bridget has nice tits.