Galactic Moon Spawn

Galactic Moon Spawn

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    i heard todd mcfarlane was thinking about doing another spawn, but in the way they did the new incredible hulk by just ignoring the one before. So just a spawn movie not a sequel. Sounds pretty decent. He doesn’t want spawn to talk at all. If Mcfarlane actually follows through. Cause i mean come on…..that WANDAAA! shit was to much.


    C’mon, the Spawn film isn’t that bad. Great special effects (for the time), decent storyline, and Clown was nailed down perfectly, especially the cheerleading part.

    Sure it wasn’t extraordinary, but it certainly ain’t Catwoman/Batman & Robin.


    i will give you that one. the movie wasn’t horrible like incredible hulk with eric bana, batman&robin,catwomen which i decided wasn’t even worth the time.and clown was indeed badass. Maybe I judged to harshly, i mean I did really used to love that movie. Its just the way Mcfarlane explained it, sounded alot more dark….which would be nice. And speaking of batman i heard philip seymore hoffman may play penguin. And johnny depp to play the riddler, which i think is way to obvious of a pick, AND WHAT OF JOKER??


    Those rumors were running around even before Dark Knight was shown in theaters.

    I don’t want Johnny Depp in anything Batman-related.


    I’d heard that David Tennant was interested in playing The Riddler. Which would be AWESOME. Johnny Depp could probably do a good job, I won’t deny that, but he’s in way too many movies.

    I’d kinda like to see a villain that the previous Batman movies haven’t used yet. Like Hugo Strange, or Clayface. Clayface might be tricky though, since both of the previous movies have tried to shy away from anything with actual superpowers.

    And I’d love to see Philip Seymour Hoffman as The Penguin. That would be awesome.