Milla Jovovich – Ultraviolet

Milla Jovovich - Ultraviolet

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    This movie was pure CRAP. Way too much CGI, fight scenes didnt show any action, and the plot was horrible. I finished this movie with a lower IQ than when I started.


    Yeah, but you know you would probably fuck her.


    I thought this was a beautiful, but ultimately shitty movie.

    Everything looked cool. But the dialogue and story were absolutely awful.

    “Equilibrium” was better.


    Horrible horrible movie. Great shots of Millas ass though.

    Gun Kata in Equilibrium FTFW


    No… Not even the weak ass shots made it any better. The outfits, though somewhat form-fitting, were like a quarter inch thick of wrinkly leather and vinyl from neck to ankle. Jovovich’s wig was fucking stupid.

    The whole movie was a fucking ugly stupid nightmare of retardedness. I hated it a thousand times over for wasting the laser in my dvd player.


    I tried to watch it. I really did. I love Milla and was seriously disappointed w/ this movie.


    Shitty-looking woman doing shitty-quality movies.

    Suddenly thinking she died while shooting The Fifth Element seems like a positive thing.


    Actors were good. Effects good. Script – total and complete failure.

    Every time I see a movie like this, I want to find a Hollywood writer and knock his teeth out.

    Especially after that whole writers strike debacle.

    Seriously – someone should get paid more for a script this bad?

    Mr. Jones

    I tried to watch this movie. By the end of it, I was giving the screen the finger and yelling “fuck you, too” at the script.

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