Never too busy for a snack

kangaroosnack.jpg (96 KB)

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    Luke sei Vadder

    just to get the funny taste out of my mouth


    How come I’m hearing
    music in the background?


    I think this might be a dirty petting zoo.
    Since the lady in the back looks like she might
    be reaching for the little kangaroo’s balls 😀


    I went to Australia back in early highschool and on our first day there at our first place to go (petting zoo kinda like that) we saw the same thing, but didn’t try to feed them, lol. It did spawn the joke “roo juice” for the rest of the 3 week trip though and one of the girls in the group bought a stuffed kangaroo and stuck a flavored condom on its tail.


    I just love the look on his face.


    Good thing the Roo didn’t consider the kid as competition.