Soup Kitchen

Michelle Obama serving soup at a homeless shelter.jpg (93 KB)

Michelle Obama serving soup at a homeless shelter while having her picture taken using a $500 Black Berry

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    tiki god

    I approved this only to say : submitter are you a fucking retard? what do you think rich people’s favorite passion is? HELPING THE POOR. know what their second passion is? Taking pictures of other rich people helping poor people.

    Also: Your phone identification sucks, that’s no $500 black berry. You know you can get camera phones for like $10 off a crack whore right?

    tiki god

    I’m gonna punch you in your face.

    fracked again

    We are also assuming that he is homeless, and not a volunteer.




    Nope, not shopped at all.

    I got into an argument with someone on another forum about this. He was criticizing Michelle Obama for wearing designer sneakers to a soup kitchen. The argument lasted about as long as it took me to ask him what he wears when he volunteers his time at the soup kitchen.

    Insanely Rational
    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    Its a Blackberry Pearl 8120 and was 500 USD at the time the pic was taken. I’ve got a couple sitting here beside me to hold up side by side with the picture.

    The pic is an obvious backfire on what was intended which was to show the messiah Obama’s nubian queen was such a good person that she’d volunteer and help people who are less fortunate. The backfire being that said unfortunates aren’t really all that unfortunate and just spend money they get given or steal on stupid shit like crack and phones to call people to see if they have any crack to sell.

    Between the gay shit and the Obama suckoff this site is becoming all too pedestrian. Its like tiki caught some kind of hipster dumbshit VD.

    The reaction to this picture is more important than the picture. I could should you a picture of that ugly cunt taking a dump on a kitten and 9/10 of the brainless sheep on here would say the kitten had it coming.

    fracked again

    Can you identify the phone holder as homeless? Crack addicted?

    Maggie fails, again.

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    Kittens can go fuck themselves!


    Wow. It is really pathetic that you have the nerve to go and rip on other people when you go around making posts like this.

    I couldn’t care less what you think about Obama, but start treating us with a little more dignity, or don’t expect any respect around here. Start by coming up with coherent points. Do you have a problem with Michelle Obama? Explain why. With people on this site? Explain why. “hipster dumbshit VD”? Don’t give us that crap. Calling someone else a hipster is the most pathetic cop out possible because it doesn’t actually mean anything.

    Seriously, there might be a point buried somewhere in your string of bullshit. The fact that someone now in a soup line might have at one point paid a lot of money for a phone *might* be relevant to some point. I doubt it. I made a heck of a lot of money in the past eight years of Bush idiocy and am now suffering because I didn’t predict this downturn (not to the point of being in a soup line), maybe this guy is in the same boat (or is a volunteer, etc). I doubt very much that you are remotely an adult who has ever had to deal with any real trauma so I don’t expect you to commiserate, but please get off your poorly phrased pathetic Fox News talking points and come up with a rational argument.


    So, how are the employee benefits at Fox News?

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    should = show of course


    Aww…widdle KommieKanuck showed up late and wants to be part of the twoll!

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca


    funny shit though making an accusation of commie while blindly following one. der!


    Try ignoring the alien voices blasting through your tooth fillings, halfwit, before attempting to respond in English.

    fracked again

    And we are back to using words (commie, pedestrian), that Maggie doesn’t understand.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    I’m the only one making a point or refuting with proof another claim.

    The rest of the losers on here are squawking like…I expected and even stated.

    Calling someone a hipster is a cop out? Why because in your podunk town of nowhere you don’t have these asshats? They’re you. You from small town moving to big city and thinking you know everything about everything when in fact you don’t know shit. You’ll cry (obviously) a lot. YOu’ve got nothing to say and no understanding of the real world.

    Want a cop out? Say: Fox News. Hilarious!! Except I’ve never seen it. It’s not on in Canada. Moron. So shut the fuck up. I made a hell of a lot of money when you guys had Bush. I still have it too. Because I actually made it. Your sorry ass most likely borrowed it against phantom equity based on bullshit.


    Bullshit gets you to where you are right now.

    The woman pretending to care and the guy with the phone are bullshitters. Throwing your support behind people like that dumb skank is whats going to get you in even more trouble. But talking to losers like you is fruitless. You’re poor because you should be. You’re an idiot.


    you’re right! maybe he’s not homeless…at the homeless shelter.

    Who fails again? lol Oh and if you don’t know what pedestrian means or can’t connect it to the context I meant it in that’s your problem. I don’t dumb things down for the back of the class.

    Lets see who else…

    Oh right…the California douche Puulaahi who with his high school diploma and library card is here to school everyone.
    If you want to see a small minded, brain washed little closet case look no further than this prick. Prime example of the kind of person I can’t stand: he’s formed his opinion based on stuff his life in a small town and what he’s seen on TV and won’t listen to anyone who disagrees with his strict conditioning and will in fact instead accuse others of being the ones who are brainwashed. Its funny and sad at the same time. Under different circumstances I think him and casemeth could have been bestest friends.

    fracked again

    By that logic, Michelle Obama must be homeless, as she is at the soup kitchen, too.

    It couldn’t possibly be a staffer or fellow volunteer. And nobody ever works at a soup kitchen or charity out of genuine concern… Just because you are a raging cunt does not mean that everybody else is.

    Yet another meh for the failed troll.


    @Blondie: You don’t have to have seen Fox to be spewing the same type of party-line ignorant bullshit propaganda that they spew. The fact is you’re making assumptions on limited information and spouting them like they’re the etched in stone truth.


    Magnus everyone is brainwashed and conditioned. Including YOU!

    You don’t know me enough to say a word about me and I don’t respect you enough to care what you say. In fact, out of everyone on here I respect you the least.

    Keep writing your bullshit to no avail. Here is a fresh idea: Judge yourself for once. Probably too busy swimming in your own bullshit to see your own flaws.

    Anyhow, have a nice day.


    Maggie needs to lay off the crack cocaine.


    Way to go, Tiki.
    Should have just deleted this one…

    The Dude

    Shouldnt Latoya be mourning her sisters death?

    The Dude

    Thanks for fucking up my user pic tiki, you dbag.


    The First Lady is helping out at a soup kitchen. OMG THERE IS A CAMERA!!! Cameras never follow the first lady…


    that secret service dude is totally posing in the back…


    Best comment ever. I want to give this plus two.


    Who cares?


    Lol, Tiki has his panties lodged in his snatch today.

    Luke Magnifico

    I am so indifferent to the inelegant, clumsy-ass excuse that seems to pass as trolling in this thread that YOU WOULD NOT BELIEVE HOW EXTREMELY INDIFFERENT I AM WERE I TO DESCRIBE IT IN DETAIL.

    Seriously, Maggie, up your game.

    And everyone else, be a little less easily led.


    Mushroom risotto? Muffins of some description?

    These homeless people are eating better than I did today.



    fracked again

    We are too common and dull for Maggie and his TWO blackberries.


    If the homeless are eating better than you, then…You’re doing it wrong!

    The assumptions maggie/blondie is making is not about the people in the picture. Pay attention.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    Messed up huh?

    You don’t even need to make an argument for these idiots. They’re 90% of the way there before I even open the page.

    Hey douches…how many times do I have to point out that I’m not American. Your bias is observed impartially from a third person perspective and I point out how you the people responding to the pics and each other (specifically anyone who disagrees with you is a Nazi and anyone who doesn’t like Obama is also a Communist).

    Crawl out from the deptsh of your own stupidity and recognize theat you’ve been conditioned with very orchestrated political framing. Bush wasn’t the devil and Obama ain’t your new Jesus. You’re just swallowing bait over and over and then looknig around confused when you inevitably end up flopping around on the deck gasping for air.

    You’re too common for two cups connected by a string. If you’d like a Blackberry I can mail one off to you. I don’t use them. Android phones are more versatile.

    Whatever. You’ll just keep on down the same path to nowhere you’ve been set on by the people you stupidly now trust are leading you somewhere better. No more recession in 2010 right? lol


    Not being American doesn’t mean you can’t be a brainwashed right-wing nutcase. Good god, how thick are you, fucktard?

    Seriously, you’re guilty of exactly what you accuse us of on the other extreme. So shut your pie hole, you fucking hypocrite. The worst part is, no one here has said “Bush was the devil, Obama is Jesus”. If you can’t argue without putting words into people’s mouths, you’ve lost before you’ve even begun.

    fracked again

    No thanks, Maggie. Why don’t you donate them if they are unneeded. Lots of charities, such as those that support battered women, could put them to good use.

    But thanks for your concern.

    Doctor Thompson

    Do something for me here. Make a post without swearing. Seriously, if your goal is to not come across as an ignorant nut job then present your points calmly and without attacking everyone else. You might seem like less of a The doctor has spoken.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca


    I know enough to judge the source of your opinion and you’re a moron. So shut up already because all your comments ever do is make people roll their eyes at you. You have no education, no experience, and no value.

    I’m far above any conditioning little man. I got past that a long long time ago. You’d be surprised how many people do. You have not. You’re a complete product of liberal conditioning. A case study. Your a hick who doesn’t know he’s a hick and you assume anyone who disagrees with you is coming from the exact same place you in fact are.

    You said Fox News didn’t you, dumbshit? lol Want to back peddle now? Big surprise. I don’t need to put words into peoples mouths. You just have to realize that when you type something on here people can scroll up and read it again later.Ask yourself why you decided to say anything in the first place. You’re a drone and you’re remarkably short sited and stupid.

    “So, how are the employee benefits at Fox News?”

    Or did your little pea brain forget you typed that? The implied point is clear and it back fired on you.


    I should censor myself to fit what you’ve come to think is proper discourse? News flash: adults swear and children censor themselves.


    Its hard to really make fun of people on here when certain words will result in your post not showing up.
    Yup this is such a free thinking site in a free thinking country that you are free to think and do as you’re told. Good job guys!

    Congrats to all for playing into pep rally politics and clarifying that you don’t know what you’re talking about but are quite ready to argue it.


    Learn to use a comma. What are you 13?


    I never denied that I said Fox News. Again, if you can’t argue without putting words into people’s mouths, then you have no case to begin with.

    However, you are being blatantly ignorant on my point: You’re spewing the same heavily biased, spoonfed propaganda bullshit bias that they do. ‘course, you’re too busy trying to divert by nitpicking on the fact that I said “Fox News” and you’re Canadian…

    Really….Right, left, neither is bad in itself. When they take EITHER extreme as far as people like you, then it’s a problem.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    Post a link to somewhere on Fox News where they tell stupid fucks like you to not be such brain dead sheep please or shut the fuck up.

    You’re ignorant of my points. I get yours. It just sucks ans was refuted by me on here before you even posted it, dumbshit.

    I know you can read but are you capable of comprehending what you’ve just read?


    “Learn to use a comma.” Well, let’s take a look at your post! 😀

    – “I know enough to judge the source of your opinion and you’re a moron.” You place commas in between independent phrases connected by “and”.

    – “… a long long time ago.” A comma should separate the “long”s.

    – “I’m far above any conditioning little man.” Tsk. Tsk. Should have a comma separating the person you’re addressing from the rest of the sentence.

    – “Your a hick who doesn’t know he’s a hick and you assume anyone who…” Another case of not separating your independent clauses. I won’t point out the other grave error here.

    – “… into peoples mouths.” Where’s your apostrophe? That’s a possessive!

    – “… short sited and stupid.” I like to keep my sites short and to the point, as well. Did you mean “sight”?

    I won’t explicitly dig up the others, but I’m counting four other instances of failed comma usage and one instance of not putting in an apostrophe. Of course, you’ll cry about typos. Excellent! We all make them, including Puulaahi.

    Anyway, I do enjoy calling out trolls. You say, “But talking to losers like you is fruitless.” I would then expect that you, being a very rational person who spends his (or her) time doing worthwhile activities, would cease conversation at this point. Nope. If you want to stir up people, don’t make it so obvious!

    Is Canada really full of indiscreet people like you who like to feign intricate knowledge of the world because of living in a city and having money, perhaps engaging in an argument by doing little more than insulting the other side and waving your dick about?

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    So you’re going to correct me on comma usage with bullshit?

    “You place commas in between independent phrases connected by “and”.”

    What school did you fail out of? That’s textbook INCORRECT comma usage, prick.

    “- “… a long long time ago.” A comma should separate the “long”s.”

    In fact I should just remove the one long. The second is the grammatical error.

    – “… into peoples mouths.” Where’s your apostrophe? That’s a possessive!

    So now we’re off commas and onto another punctuation? Now tell me where should I put the apostrophe? Go Google that to be sure of course.

    “- “… short sited and stupid.” I like to keep my sites short and to the point, as well. Did you mean “sight”?”

    Yes I did! Good catch on the TYPO. At best it’s a spelling mistake.

    Now let’s take a hard look at this tard’s post…

    “I won’t explicitly dig up the others, *NO COMMA NEEDED HERE, ASSBAG* but I’m counting four other instances of failed comma usage *NOPE YOU CALLED OUT ZERO. YOU TRIED AND FAILED TO CALL OUT 4 BUT JUST ENDED UP MAKING YOURSELF LOOK FUCKING STUPID* and one instance of not putting in an apostrophe. Of course, NO COMMA NEEDED HERE, ASSBAG* you’ll cry about typos. FRAGMENTDED SENTENCE Excellent! We all make them, NO COMMA NEEDED HERE, ASSBAG* including Puulaahi.

    Anyway, NO COMMA NEEDED HERE, ASSBAG UNLESS YOU’RE NOW TALKING TO SOMEONE NAMED ANYWAY *I do enjoy calling out trolls *YOU’RE DUMBER THAN A BAG OF BROKEN MARBLES* . You say, NO COMMA NEEDED HERE, ASSBAG* “But talking to losers like you is fruitless.” I would then expect that you, being a very rational person who spends his (or her) time doing worthwhile activities, would cease conversation at this point. Nope. If you want to stir up people, NO COMMA NEEDED HERE, ASSBAG* don’t make it so obvious!

    Is Canada really full of indiscreet people like you who like to feign intricate knowledge of the world because of living in a city and having money, perhaps engaging in an argument by doing little more than insulting the other side and waving your dick about?”


    Indiscreet? You want discretion now? Explain. Or just admit you don’t know what the word even means.

    Now answer why you’re on board this train wreck of stupidity? You just took all that time just so I could spend 3 mins ripping you apart?

    I hope you don’t pride yourself on your intellect because you sir are one stupid motherfucker.

    Thanks for trying to appropriate yourself into some elevated position of judgment. It was pretty funny considering the abysmal post you made while making said attempt.

    Just take special note of something: the reason your life is where it is right now is because of your inexplicable attitude and refusal to accept your own position as subordinate to people who are better than you in every way.

    Thanks for letting me go through your shit and give you a quick course in proper comma usage.

    fracked again

    And Maggie wins again for most trollable troll.

    Whats with the fit over commas, Maggie? On your period?

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    So you ARE only like 10 years old.

    That explains a bit. But not everything.

    Up with people!


    Indiscreet troll, I meant. Those caps ruin it. Oh, and if my life is where it is right now because of my attitude and stubbornness, I’ll be sure to work on emphasizing those two traits as much as I can. 😀

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    Don’t forget your Phd level spelling and grammar, asshat.


    Emphasize those traits and you’ll make assistant manager in no time. Keep reaching for the middle.


    But whatever did you see in dagwood?

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