The Hangover

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    nice shiny new disclaimer, I must rape it. Good movie btw, very strange but good


    “Not at the table, Carlos.”

    teezy weezy

    Superb movie.


    toodaloo motherfuckaaaaaaaaaaaa!
    awesome 😀

    Billy Manic

    This movie was surprisingly Amazing.


    Standard formulaic sophomoric “comedy” that’s flooding the theaters these days. I don’t see the big appeal myself. At least it’s better than Paul Blart, though. Guh.

    Doctor Thompson

    Explain to me the formula used in this movie. Because I have not yet seen it.


    Road Trip formula. Don’t know the progenitor. Also seen in Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back. Basically, there’s a MacGuffin, and the characters go through a lot of crazy shit to get it back (or stop it). Usually, most of what they encounter won’t really help them, but set them a little further on their path, with usually one exception late in the film when all seems lost.

    Hollywood is all formulas.

    I still thought it was a funny movie. Worth $10.

    Doctor Thompson

    That right there is called Freytag’s Triangle, also known as a plot diagram. It is the basis for nearly every work of fiction out there. There is a problem and characters have to fix it. (Exposition) They go through a bunch of events that don’t fix it but guide them to fixing it. (Rising Actions) Then they do fix it. (Climax) Then things happen after they fix it. (Resolution)

    So then no what you described does not constitute as formulaic. Unless fiction of itself is formulaic. But I don’t feel like getting into this.
    end rant.

    Doctor Thompson

    I mean I have not yet seen this formula. The movie I saw and loved.


    you were the guy at the party who made out with the tranny weren’t you?



    You are literally too stupid to insult.


    Anything with Zach Galifianakis is good.


    I heard terrible things about this movie in Time Magazine.

    I saw it and found it superb.

    Either the reviewer is an idiot, or most of the country is.

    Ok, now I’m scared.


    I want to fuck Zach Galifianakis.


    Mr Galifianakis even managed to save some scenes in the horrible “Out Cold”
    Quite literally one of the worst films of all time.
    Anyone else seen that chunk of bile?

    Doctor Thompson

    I saw and loved it. Then I saw some good comedies. Then I saw it again and I didn’t like it so much.