Tattoo Locations

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    Ha. Socially acceptable rebellious tattoo zone.


    I both have red, blue hand, green, peach, and vomit yellow that i did myslef. Workin on the whole sha-bang-a-bang.


    You lost me at calling dragon tattoos “faggy”. Got a few friends I’d like you to say that to their face…


    Well that struck a nerve.

    A faggy nerve.


    Just because you or your friends have dragon tattoos, think they are cool, and are willing to get very defensive over such a matter, does not stop them from being faggy.


    Similarly, you calling them faggy doesn’t mean you’re not just projecting…


    Faggy or not, they’re still cliché.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    Ya they’re more nerdy than faggy.

    Unless the dragons are rainbow coloured and blowing each other.

    Otherwise your friends are perfectly straight looking losers.

    Also you win the internet tough guy competition. Your prize is the invaluable knowledge that your reality sucks.


    “You lost me at calling dragon tattoos “faggy”. Got a few friends I’d like you to say that to their face…”

    LOL sure. Schedule me in between their WoW Raid and their parentally-mandated therapy sessions.


    Good lord. You’re aware that people got dragon tattoos long before WoW or even D&D, right? Sure you’ll find at least half the guys in a biker bar with a dragon tattooed somewhere. And it’s a pretty standard thing with Asian gangs, even the Yakuza.

    Karatesaurus Rex

    Yeah, nowadays half the guys in a biker bar are Intel VPs and the such who got that dragon tattoo cause they saw it in “Hell’s Angels on Wheels” and are trying to be cool. Asian gangs are just copying the Yakuza who would traditionally tattoo a red dragon, usually on their backs.

    You want a tough guy tattoo? Knuckles, tattoo BUTT THUG across your knucks if you wanna show me how tough you are.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    Oh my word and goodness gracious you’re a f agert!

    So you’re an expert on “Asian gangs” and the Yakuza? I bet you’ve never set foot outside whatever little nothing town you were born in dipshit. Having access to Google doesn’t mean you know jack or shit.

    You friends and their dragon tattoos are sad and pathetic like everything else in their and your lif(ve)s.

    Triads and BTK do not copy Yakuza. They have entirely different histories and their own sub cultures.

    Alo @ Karatesaurus Rex, where did you hear/read that crap about red dragons?


    Heh. And people talk about a nerve being struck with me. I’m not the one flipping out here with misspelled name-calling. 🙂

    *Shrug* Whatever. Way to misinterpret what I wrote. I was just establishing pre-“nerd” precedent for dragon tattoos, nowhere did I claim to be an expert on asian gangs…


    Besides…we’re posting on an internet forum. We’re all nerds here…

    Which word are you purporting was incorrectly spelled?

    Keep in mind like everyone outside of America I adhere to the spelling and grammar of the Queen’s English (I’m Canadian).

    Per the Asian gang thing…you brought up it, la douche. I just pointed out the massive bullshit you spouted and called it what it was.

    You may not have gotten into name callnig but you did puff out your virtual nerd chest and use the ol ‘say that to my face fucker and see what happens’. Which makes you a loser.


    booooo worthless tattoo pic sucks


    oh sweet mother of fuck, you’re all a bunch of fucking homos.

    shuuuuuuuuuuuuutttttt uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuppppp.


    What about boob tattoos?


    I’ve got red and blue, plus one on my chest, and I have a well-paying job with a large corporation… This diagram was accurate maybe 15 years ago, but not today.