The Perils of Vodka

drunk-under-furniture.jpg (79 KB)

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    i sure hope they have that broom wedged in there to keep that drunk bastard from getting out easily


    More like perils of roommates who have youtube accounts.

    Snarky Parker

    Never had a problem with vodka; in fact I usually always start my nights off with a screwdriver and/or a black russian. But soju, on the other hand…


    FAIL – Shoes off trump any shenanigans. Someone didn’t follow the drinking rules, but still funny.


    Subsection C paragraph 11 of that rule states that if subject passes out in a big fluffy bamboo bowl in the doorway of a high traffic area of the house, all protections become null and void


    Here’s several in music video form:


    Praise for Disgustipater


    Better hope he doesn’t need to puke or else they might be held liable for negligent homicide.


    Not only were they drinking vodca, but it was cheap vodka. That is a bottle of Mr. Boston vodka on the under the blue chair. Good for getting drunk and de-greasing engines… cheaply…


    don’t know wtf happened on the first vodka, *makes a sacrifice to the typo gods*

    Maxwell Edison

    This makes me want to play Jenga.