Pics From My New Camera

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I bought a Canon SX200 and its totally badass. I used the super macro constantly.

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    it’s “it’s”. as in “it is”. for the love of christ, when will you people learn? oh, so you used the macro constantly, huh? what did you do afterward? – grammar nazi


    When I got my first compact camera with macro mode, it’s all I used for like three months. And now I have a DSLR with superultramegafuck macro and I hardly use it at all…weird.


    I stuck a 1MP CCD on a 200X Microscope and could see cells fucking!


    I love macro photography! I’ve got a Nikon 60mm f/2.8g ED lens for my D60.

    Nice shot of the eye, too bad the reflection of the camera kills it. One of these days I’ll get the 200mm macro so I don’t have to be three inches away for a good shot. You realize how hard it is to get a good shot at that distance without killing the light or scaring the subjects away?

    And for shots with reflections, watch the angle you shoot from, for example:


    I now want a macro camera too, but how is it with normal pictures? Doesn’t look very compact either. I need a compact Canon camera for me travels. Otherwise kick ass shots.


    Nice, I got a Canon PowerShot also, the S5 IS one. It’s bigger and chunkier than yours, but I got it so that I would be pleased for a while with a camera that just imitates a much more expensive DSLR, until I maybe do buy a DSLR.

    And yes teh super macro is hella awesome.


    @dieA: do not go for Canon young one! Get yourself a bloody Pentax (yes, it’s in badass red-and-black style) and became my sinister apprentice. For someday destroy the Galaxy you will…


    Haha, that does sound pretty tempting, copypaiste. But wait a second, you mean a Pentax DSLR? I must admit you’re the first person to even recommend me Pentax at all. Though I think you’re referring to a digital camera.. I’ve got bad news, I bought the Canon already. I’m not sure yet what kind of DSLR camera I would buy. There are so so many.


    Nice camera! I’m looking to get a new one soon. Is it pretty quick on the continuous shooting?


    Your cute lol


    Ah, macro photography, the covered bridge/black and white of the new millenium.

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