Is my son gay?

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    What’s worse than finding a worm in your apple?
    Finding half a worm in your apple.

    What’s worse than that?
    Getting raped.




    What a stupid and closed-minded question, lol!

    Is there a hormone check for idiocy???


    Sad thing is, the guy actually might not have been trolling. *headdesk*


    Sad thing is, they’ll soon have a genetic test for it.


    Why would having a test be sad? So long as its not used during pregnancy to abort the baby having a way of knowing for sure would kinda be useful I’d think.


    Ask who it would be useful to. Generally, the subject individual will know their own orientation, or will find it in time. And then ask this: does *anyone* other than the subject individual have a legitimate concern about their orientation. I suggest no one else does.

    Aside from that, most evidence has been pointing to the mother’s hormonal situations during specific brain-development phases of gestation. A genetic factor can also be involved, but, as with many things, that is but one factor, and not a sole determinant.


    I doubt you’ll ever get a test that determines whether or not the child will definitely be heterosexual or homosexual –at best, it’ll probably be something that tells you (in legally ambiguous language) which is more likely. But think of the future lulz, such as the first lawsuits over erroneous results?

    Doc Shadow

    A really great fact that supports the complexity of sexuality beyond simple genetics is identical twin studies. In identical twins the DNA should be an exact replica, however, when one twin is homosexual there is only a 50% that the other twin will have similar sexual orientation. If sexual orientation were purely genetic then the co-occurrence should be 100%, so certainly the chance of similar sexuality is much higher than in the general population it is also highly different than genetic prediction would have it be.


    There may be a gay gene, but our DNA is rewritten during the course of our lives. It’s how evolution works. As soon as someone sees the population problem, BAM, they’ve been recruited by evolution to help correct the problem. It’s a flawless theory. Just ask any bisexual person, they’ll not deny overpopulation.



    Doc Shadow

    Going with PathogenAntifreeze on this. Way to cite widely discredited science. It was a good idea but not so much one that has any evidence. DNA is NOT rewritten over the course of our lives, otherwise you would see drastic phenotype changes within the course of each life that would reflect such vast genotype changes. Also… wait… did someone just claim that the recognition of a population problem results in a sudden conversion of sexuality? While homosexuality in some animal species shows sharp elevation in the presence of overpopulation this is not a sudden evolutionary development, it is an existing… Read more »


    I think Dyna-Mole was joking, because it’s pretty fucking hilarious.

    DNA talk is serious business though, that’s for sure.

    General X

    There are times that the internets disappoint me, and then this happens.


    Dear, sweet, zombie Jeebus! Although, the reply to the asshat is hilarious. And that would be the only way to know for sure if your son is gay. “He has blue eyes.” Is that some sort of redneck, ignorant code for “He ain’t mine, so he must be gay.”?

    fracked again

    If he isn’t gay, mom will make him try it. I’d say that her first tip shouldn’t have been his build, but that he knows what tenor is…