Intellectual Argumentation

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I believe enough has been said.

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    Mister hypothetical question mark head is the man.

    I don’t hate furries or anything, but if you hump plush animals in your free time I’m going to make fun of you. Or if you dress up like a life sized plush animal and then hump plush animals, or other people dressed up like life sized plush animals, or if any character published by Sega or Nintendo turns you on.
    Ok I think I’m done.


    LOL. I imagined the mystery man was Rorschach.


    I was picturing magnus’ abs…


    Isn’t there a furry on this website?


    Isn’t there a furry on every site?


    You mean the conspiracy believing pseudo conservative dumbfuck? (hai fracked again)
    Yeah he’s a furry.

    I have no evidence that he dresses up like a life sized plush animal though. Not that that would keep me from making fun of him or anything, as you can clearly see.

    fracked again


    fracked again

    I only wish I could give this 6 stars.

    Who knows if he dresses like one, his second life character does, and that may well be more fail than costuming, yiffing and having to shampoo the spooge out of your fursuit.


    Haha yeah, but it really was a bad move on his part. Pseudo conservative furries, that’s something one shouldn’t admit all at once.


    A higher force like religion? Really? Maybe it is the force part throwing me off, since when is starting a group to rule over a body of people and offering to take all their money at their deathbed for a ticket to a place no one has seen, a higher anything? Religion was meant as a tool towards civilization; love thy hoodmates, don’t screw the pooch (which oddly relates to this thread), killing and coveting ain’t acceptable, etc. Maybe the force thing has to do with history, the crusades and raping american indians and mayans, but ‘higher force’ is just… Read more »


    Excuse me, but wtf is a furry?


    Google much?


    I believe I may have just found my messiah!


    Whoever wrote this likes to masturbate to a thesaurus. I like to masturbate to gay furry porn.

    fracked again

    Thats nice… At least you aren’t a diaperfur?


    No, no, and I should clarify that I like to masturbate to practically everything that doesn’t involve nonsexual fluids or real animals. Once, almost, with a girl and a horse, but, I uh, I turned it off before I came. I just didn’t wanna walk down that road any further. I should note that it was about to feel really amazing. Also I’ve watched some pee pee vids.

    fracked again

    Well, thats at least almost normal… for 4chan.


    I don’t go on fucking 4Chan


    I only disagree with one point in this comic. Not all furries are idiots, but most of them are.


    Oh, and thanks for ruining The Lion King for me, you fuckers.