Danica Patrick

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    I don’t find her all the attractive, but if she actually looked at me in this situation there would be something unclean in my pants.


    Yeah right, I can totally see her driving in F1 next year… LOL!


    She doesn’t have near the talent it takes to drive F1. She doesn’t even drive road courses now, only ovals. And she’s not that fuckin great at those.


    Of course she hasn’t. My comment was because new entry team USF1 (another laugh if you ask me) is considering her because of the publicity it will bring.


    Racing or not, I personally find this woman attractive as fuck. I want to lick her navel in the worst way.


    Needs a good hard humping


    i would marry her. and ultimately ruin any chances of having secks with here or having a loving relationship. Yes, i am a cynic.
    i’m borderlining on obsessed right about now.


    I thought it was sweet.

    Tracer del Rey

    , I watched her race at Sears Pt (er, “Infineon Raceway”) last summer. She came in respectably at 6th, iirc, and was as far up as 3rd or 4th at one point. Or did you mean she no longer drives road courses?

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