The Enterprise NCC-1701-D “All Good Things” Refit.

uss_enterprise-d_2395.jpg (46 KB)

Third Nacelles FTW!

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    tiki god

    this is so hot.


    I have a space boner.


    I think this was probably one of those ‘wouldn’t it be cool if’ things the graphics designers came up with without thinking it through. Kinda makes the shuttle bays hard to use after all.


    As well as the main thruster, which fires right into that third support.

    Always thought this was retarded, both logically (for whatever warp-drive-starship-logic is actually worth) and aesthetically: it totally ruins the ship’s ‘look’.

    At least they only used it for one episode –even though it was the finale.


    Hey now, don’t be hatin’ on the third nacelle. That baby gives the Enterprise the capability to go at warp 13!

    Totally worth the shuttle bay problems imo.


    Or they could have just stuck the extra nacelle on the bottom instead and not annoyed me, hochunk, and that one other guy out there on teh internets that was annoyed by it.


    I’m sure there’re at least five of us. And while I’m having a nerd seizure: I don’t think a third nacelle works no matter where you put it –it just fucks with the ship’s lines, which are the best thing about it. I don’t even like the extra guns they stuck on the top of the saucer…but I’ll give it this much: that ‘superphaser’ they put on the bottom forward(which you can’t see in this pic) that they use to disintegrate that big Klingon ship –that was pretty cool.


    The extra nacelle was kinda like a third breast on a chick… Sure it’s more a good thing… but just ruins the clean lines you came to know and love and fap to.


    but is it Megan Fox hot?


    Finales are always like this. They fuck with things because they don’t have to worry about explaining them away on the next episode.


    Excellent point.


    When did Star Trek ever really worry about concept continuity?


    Yo dawg, we heard you like nacelles on your…

    oh screw it, not worth it.

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