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James Cameron\’s return to feature films.
Filmmakers (including Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson) who have seen the sets/finished footage have claimed that it will change cinema.
Initial reports from journalists look good, too: io9.com/5302057/journalists-see-camerons-avatar-lose-their-minds

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    tiki god

    are you somehow new to the concept of ‘industry hype’?

    I doubt my mind will be blown.


    Been in production since Titanic became box office steroids.


    ‘In the words of the immortal bard, Snoop Dogg, “Study long, study wrong.”


    I want my mind blown…


    Another Aliens?


    Jimmy rides? Cool MSR jersey or is he just a poser? The world may never know?


    Tiki, if this is *just* industry hype, then it’s hype on an unprecedented level. James Cameron makes a movie once in a blue moon and they always blow everyone away. Terminator 2, quite possibly the first movie sequel in history not to suck, is the work of this man here, and that was on a low production budget. There’s still the chance that it could be an overhyped turd, but I don’t give that a very high probability of being the case. Also, the man should NEVER be in charge of his own marketing, did you see that E3 conference?… Read more »


    You’ve never heard of The Godfather Part II?



    Wished I could’ve used your example, but to cite two more that leap immediately to mind:

    The Empire Strikes Back
    Star Trek II – The Wrath of Khan

    And in fact, Terminator II –while cool– STILL wasn’t as good as its predecessor.


    Terminator II was on a “low production budget”?


    No, I confused myself. T2 had a normal budget, Terminator 1 had an obscenely low production budget. It was still amazing though.


    I’m sure it will be very pretty. But is the story any good?

    And as for the aliens being called N’avi… Are they going to be all annoying and yell “Hey! Listen!” every five minutes?


    i just hope it’s as good as Aquaman.


    Aquaman… ROFLMAO!! XD
    Epic. I laughed so hard I sharted! While at work.
    Good 1. Oh Christ, I haven’t laughed that hard in a while. Nice Entourage reference. I award you 50 internets.
    Gawd I’m still laughing. like 10 mins to write this.


    Saw his speech during E3 on TV (one of the rare times it seems G4 actually shows something good these days) and saw some screens. Looks pretty cool


    First picture looks like Battlemechs/Mechwarrior, 4th Pic looks like Freelancer


    Won’t be as good as Aquaman, now when they make the sequel with Jake Gyllenhaal, that’ll be awesome.