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    fracked again

    Fucking antiscience group. Evolution will make you stop believing in god and make you a killer! Ignore the evidence, its all in the bible, oh, and send us money so we can put up more of these shitty billboards.


    One of these north bound on H-35 in TX. I cringe when i pass it. Not shooting people has nothing to do with religion!


    “Not shooting people has nothing to do with religion!”

    Apparently that sentence DID need to be said. Until today I would have mocked such a concept as so basic it was obvious to everyone on the planet.

    Amazing how idiotic these fundie groups are, and even more amazing that they manage to get new people to join/donate to their invisible friend support group.


    Well I guess God wanted you to get shot then….


    The website is hysterical and scary.

    The second tab is the Creationist Museum. hahaha

    fracked again

    I think the creation “museum” is their’s. Gah, its an hour away from home, and only minutes from a fossil bone bed that was discovered only years after the American Revolution.


    These people need to GTFO of my religion.


    Also has over 9000 more times scientific credibility than these fags.


    No creation science website has any scientific credibility. There is no such thing as creation science, or creation scientists. The moment you start mixing in religion, it stops being science.

    Science is, in essence, atheistic. It assumes that no god, devil, demon, or spirit will interfere in the process and change the results. Science cannot consider the supernatural, as the supernatural, by definition, doesn’t follow natural law, and science, by definition, examines things according to natural law.


    i guess these groups havent looked at how many people god killed in the bible…there leader is a murderer…and some even pay to worship him…what a crock…


    i guess these groups havent looked at how many people god killed in the bible… Well there is some truth there. Yes god did directly kill a few people, and encouraged some killing. there leader is a murderer Well that is debatable. If a guy who creates a 100% sapient, sentient robot and decides to tell another one of his robots to turn off/dismantle another robot, or he himself turns off/dismantles a robot does that make him a murder? But then again you could also argue if a mother kills her child does that mean she had the right to… Read more »


    Satan killed around 6 people. God killed millions. Do the math.

    fracked again

    And fed dozens of kids to a bear for making fun of a prophet for being bald, a whole city for checking to make sure that the recently returned Ark still had the tablets in it, the firstborn of Egypt…


    It’s 2009 and people still need religion and belief in faery tales to psychological survive…
    The human race is a joke…these guys are just the punchline…


    ooops, dropped the “y”…
    There’s a joke in there somewhere…lol


    the tagline should be changed to:
    “Believe in my imaginary superhero…
    Or I’ll blow your muthaf-cking head off.”


    Well, this is absolutely true. Aside from eating babies, pushing old ladies down in the street in front of buses, we all know the statistical trend for atheistic children to shoot both their parents when they’re 10, right before the age where they start summoning Satan to bring about the end times.


    Because people who’ve found religion don’t go and kill others. Right guys? Right?