Jetfire concept TF2

jetfirefanconceptart.jpg (482 KB)

credits to this fanmade concept Jetfire for TF2, you got my vote =).. Jetfire (Revenge of the Fallen) as an old fart just doesn\’t suite me..

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    You’d think the robot would be too black for khausereich88’s taste.

    Skinhead scumbag.


    I couldn’t keep track of who was who in that movie. Tons of bots, tons of people; not very well done.


    Um, as I recall it, Jetfire was actually an Autobot, and the original toy model was a direct copy of the Macross/Robotech VF-1S Veritech fighter – down to the UNSpacy logo on the leg.


    What you forgot to bring up is how this is at all relevant, other than to show that you have some useless granule of knowledge in your head. Yeah, he was, but this guy ain’t. All of the original line of Transformers were taken from other toy series, this is the only one people seem to be able to bring up, because, unlike the others that only existed in Japan, it is the only one that had a popular series in America.. Its kind of annoying. Jetfire as a character, however, is completely created by Hasbro and the writers that… Read more »


    wait, this doesn’t SUITE you? as in a luxury suite at a hotel? i believe the term you’re looking for is “doesn’t suit”. christ.