Wilhelm II

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The last german emperor

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    One of the worst men in history. largely responsible for WWI


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    A lot of people were responsible for World War I. It really was a team effort that wouldn’t have been possible if not for decades of European “diplomacy”.


    May he rest in peace


    One my greatfathers nickname was “the kaiser” because of this guy. It seems that my greatfather had the same face and the same moustache.


    by greatfather i mean great-grandfather BTW.


    I kinda liked the spiky helmets though…


    I studied this guy. He was a dickhead.

    He spent his life trying prove that he was a better man than Bismarck.

    Which he was not.

    Which ended with him starting WW1. And losing it. And being exiled. And continuing to be a dickhead in the Netherlands.

    There were worse men in history – but Wilhelm was a pretty spectacular loser and fool.


    Didn’t the Austro-Hungarian Empire start the war by declaring war on Serbia, thereby provoking Russian intervention?

    Or are we going to stand by the propaganda put out by the war’s victors starting almost a century ago?


    Austria-Hungary started it, but Germany said “Hey, here’s a blank check, we’ll give you all the soldiers and munitions and shit you need to run the war because we’re awesome like that.”

    So while the Austro-Hungarian Empire started the war, Germany gave the materials to make it balloon into the 20th century’s first massive war.


    For further information, please read The Guns of August by Barbara Tuchman.


    Note that the photograph is carefully staged to avoid showing that his left arm is significantly shorter than his right and that his left hand is largely useless. The arm was injured at his birth when the Doctor used a pair of forceps to haul him out, damaging his left arm such that it never grew properly.