Sr-71 Blackbird

764px-Sr71_1.jpg (178 KB)

I\’ve seen one in person

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    That’s one sexy bitch right there.


    They have one at the Udvar-Hazy Center outside DC. They have a mock-up space shuttle too, pretty neat.


    I think that’s actually the Enterprise shuttle, but yeah, I’ve been there & it’s awesome.


    I thought it was the shuttle the astronauts practiced on. It’s more hubby and his dad’s deal. I’ve been there (Udvar Hazy) once (they’ve been there three times) and too many times to count at the Air and Space museum.


    We had one of these beauties located by, shipped by, and lovingly restored by the Minnesota Air National Guard Museum.

    Unfortunately, G.W.Bush’s administration era C.I.A. director thought that it would look cool as a lawn ornament, in the non-public inner courtyard of the CIA headquarters in Langley, Virginia; and unceremoniously confiscated it.


    What was up with that anyways? They could have taken one of the ones from California or something, Heck some other places have more than one on display! Instead they had to steal 06931 from us Minnesotans.


    They have a silver trainer at the California Science Center near USC and the L.A. Coliseum in Los Angeles. The most surprising thing is that they really aren’t very big.


    That’z too ‘hot’ to fly.


    I’ve seen three of them take off one at a time and then circle the base till the last got into the air and then fly in formation away from the base, can anyone on here match that?


    i’ve seen one too @ at the smithsonian air+space museum (actually come to think of it, its the same one that turns into that robot in transformers_

    also they have a real space shuttle
    and the enola gay
    and the wright flyer
    and the capsule from apollo 11

    this, ladies and gentlemen is the coolest shit in the world


    Saw one at Tucson’s Pima Air & Space Museum. My old man was talking to the guy, and he let us beyond the ropes to have a closer look (and a bit of a touch)


    The flying sieve, that is one bad ass air plane. Saw one once being put into a hanger on an Air Force base I was living on.


    There’s one her ein england at duxford. No ropes, can touchy touchy till your hearts content. And i did.

    General X

    Seen one, touched one, and I have an autographed pic of a pilot from one of them.


    I used to watch them take off all the time in Okinawa when they were still at Kadena Air Force Base. It’s cool to watch them on evening takeoffs. Looks like a rocket when they go straight up. Out of sight pretty damn fast.