The New Justice League

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Green Arrow, Batwoman, Mikaal Tomas (the new starman?), Congorilla, Supergirl, the Atom, Green Lantern, (not pictured) Freddy Freeman (Captain Marvel? Shazaam? Not sure what he\’s calling himself these days.)

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    Green Lantern isn’t pictured? Then who is that in green in the front on the right? Looks like a green lantern emblem on the chest and a glowy green ring on his finger.


    Wait…I might have misread, but who the hell puts the parenthesis saying (not pictured) before the name? I’ve always seen it after.

    tiki god

    You know what happens to the Justice League comics when the big three aren’t in them?

    They get canceled, cause no one gives a flying shit about these second rate characters.

    Gimme Superman and Batman! And Wonder Woman!

    And Martian Manhunter!

    wait, half of them are dead now though, aren’t they?

    Fuck you DC. Fuck you in your face!


    That’s actually nearly verbatim what I thought when I saw this image. I used to chime in and say “This is why I don’t read comics anymore.” But shit like this happens so often, I’d post that two, maybe three times a day here.

    Fuck you, DC. Fuck you, Marvel.


    i haven’t bought comics since 2005, only stole them from the internet.
    but this looks good, sometimes, and James Robinson is taking over the main JLA book too. even if it’s a flaming car-crash of a run, it should be good to read.

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