Disassembly of a Delorean

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From the great dismantling. Now i\’m in the great rebuilding but that\’s taking considerably more time and money than taking it apart did.

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    Are you gonna put a flux capacitor in? I heard that shit makes it go really fast.

    Billy Manic

    Don’t listen to him, I can never go over 88mph without some sort of electrical storm.


    I hope that you’re going to put in a bigger engine, these beauties were notoriously under powered.


    Gentlemen, we can rebuild it. We have the technology…


    I know where there’s one of these sitting in a garage, up on jack stands, with about three miles on the odometer.


    Why? Dear God, why?


    what’s the point? top dollar, these cars fetch $50K. and i’m talking ones that have about three miles on them. a restored DMC is worth maybe $30K. and it’s a piece of crap. underpowered french 6 cylinder. and a fibreglass body to boot. that stainless is just a covering. i’ve ridden in one. i wasn’t impressed. but the doors are cool.


    Im holding my gun!
    You better put that back together!
    (So I can race you in my 1986 RX-7 supercharged.)
    This is (should be) a terrible crime.


    wow you made it to MCS now go put your car back together yo 🙂


    Also as a side note some years they grow some kind of wheat grass in that field and I set it on fire with a roman candle once and stomped it out while wearing shorts…. that is all


    Seriously, why would you ever do that? It was pretty before you took it apart.


    Nice… I’ve been doing a very slow not-frame-off restoration on mine since 2004. I admire your jumping all the way into doing it this way. You ought to check out the photo series DMC Houston published at DMCHelp of how they do the frame-off refurbs… it’s lovely.


    Fuel efficient cars that don’t pollute are so over rated. Let’s spend twice as much on a car that is 3 times as old and gets 4 times less gas mileage…cause it’s faster…smart…


    This makes me sad! I hope it got put back together ok! and btw, its not sheet metal that makes the body, its 304 SST panels that are formed perfectly to make up the body. In fact, if one is good, there are blueprints on how to remake each body panel out there on the internet…read the wiki on deloreans, its a really good article, there are 2 deloreans out there that are made of complete 24k(?) gold!!! Or if you have $60k laying around, just go here, this is what I’m waiting to do (pending wife approval and the… Read more »


    Ah, ok, my bad and damn wiki! well still dude, you’re badass for having a DeLorean!


    “I hope that you’re going to put in a bigger engine, these beauties were notoriously under powered.”

    “That’s on the list.”

    “30mph hwy..”

    That kind of proves my point. I mean I would like it if you were making it an (? type) of oil car or something. But it’s still not going to get over 50 mpg…and seeing as you could pay less to save money on gas, it’s a pretty stupid decision, especially considering the pollution epidemic at hand.

    But hey, fuck the earth, right? Let’s rebuild a fuckin’ car!!


    Oh and bitches DK bout yo 98 jimmeh

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