Bacon Lube. You Know, for Porking

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The pork-loving makers of Bacon Salt, Baconnaise and Bacon Lip Balm, have a new product planned for store shelves near you: Baconlube. Yep. A bacon flavored “personal lubricant.” For the lady who can\’t get enough salty meatiness. [source]
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    Too far?


    No, you can never go too far with bacon.

    General X

    Yes, but is it kosher?


    If I am not mistaken it can’t be kosher as it is made of pork.


    and all this time i’ve just been using the baconnaise as lube. i’m sold.


    This makes me ill. Is there hashbrown flavor?


    I wonder what the psychological rammifications of this would be if one was fucking a fat chick and using this? If you had your eyes shut, would you suddenly think you were fucking a pig?? Would that mean you’re into beastiality?


    all i can think of is casemods slathering up one of his bitches

    i am so ashamed


    ohhh…it’s not to actually use WITH bacon..guess I was doing it wrong

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