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In the 2nd grade, we were told to stand up in class and talk about an animal. I chose this guy. My teacher gave me an F for choosing an imaginary creature.

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    I assume your mother went it and verbally the teacher?

    I hope so. Cool looking made up animal though.


    As a past participant in the U.S. citizenry dumb down programming system, I would not be surprised if that happened here.



    the word “accosted” should be in that sentence somewhere….


    Cassowaries have a reputation for being dangerous to people and domestic animals. The 2007 edition of the Guinness World Records lists the cassowary as the world’s most dangerous bird. During World War II American and Australian troops stationed in New Guinea were warned to steer clear of them. Many internet entries about cassowaries state that they can disembowel a man or dog with one kick, with the long second toe claw cutting the gut open. In his book “Living Birds of the World” from 1958, Ornithologist Thomas E. Gilliard wrote; “The inner or second of the three toes is fitted… Read more »


    I feel no pity for the children.


    There was a great piece of commentary for a Batman cartoon episode where the Penguin sics a cassowary on Batman. One of the scriptwriters spent the better part of an hour trying to describe a cassowary and convince the rest of the writers it was a real thing. This being before the internet, he showed up the next day with a children’s book of animals and the “C” section of an encyclopedia.

    Cassowaries are weird. And angry as fuck.


    I think it just needs a hug.


    find that teacher in whatever nursing home they inhabit… and have your revenge


    Serve that bitch up fried.